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WR Guitars is now based out of South Devon, England and is dedicated to creating the world's finest electric guitars.
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In an era where we all try our best to recycle and up-cycle, we are contributing in our own ways.
WR Guitars is now focusing on building handcrafted guitars around old vintage wooden shipping crates like his

Crate-O-Caster, as well as a more "traditional series" with solid bodies, original colors and aged finishes, known as the

Using water-based products on all models now, and incorporating earthy product such as cork on some of his custom builds, sets us apart from the crowds and gives our instruments a unique and magical vibe.

The Crate-O-Caster and the Drift-O-Caster are our base models, all of the other models are available with a crate top or as our "drift Style".

There are currently 5 guitar shapes available.

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Our Crate-O-Caster has been around for a couple years now.
Using old Original Vintage wooden crates from the 50s, 60s, 70s to create intricate mosaic guitar tops.
Mixed with some aged nickel hardware, aged looking swamp ash back to match, and some "dirty" maple neck, makes the whole guitar feel like it was built 60 years ago and left outside since!
We dedicate time to find the right crates and hand pick each one of them, making sure it is solid wood and NOT plywood, in most cases it is pine or Oak.


Drift-O-Caster blue Anchor.jpg

The Drift-O-Caster is a solid wood body, aged to our own taste with original colors and distressing in some cases, mixed with aged nickel hardware and a "dirty" maple neck,

this makes the whole guitar feel like it was built 60 years ago and worn down!
We dedicate time to choose the colors and aged look overall.
Custom artwork is available upon request.
Nothing is ever left out.


Our X-Celsior was born from a Legendary guitar Style.
It features a Setneck construction with a long tenon, rounder and slightly smaller body shape and a re-designed headstock for a  guitar that stays in tune better.

It still keeps the feel and vibe of those built in the late 50s and makes any fans of the genre delighted!

Available with a crate top or our std "Drift style".



picture coming soon...

picture coming soon...

The C-Lest is THE classic body style, nothing less.
Handmade with the best woods and quality hardware.


Available with our crate top or our Std "drift style".

The V-Ktory also features a Setneck...

The LP-J is...