About us

Founded by luthier William Raynaud, WR Guitars is a single luthier workshop handcrafting unique and highly desirable electric guitars.


A master builder in his own right, William has built thousands of guitars over the past 15 years in Los Angeles.


While working tirelessly with many prestigious guitar companies as master builder and production manager (James Trussart Guitars, Schecter Custom Shop, Echopark Guitars, Xotic Guitars), William had started his own company, WR Guitars, and was offering Custom Guitar building as well as full on repairs services in Los Angeles.


During his time in the USA, he created and repaired guitars for world known artists such as Keith Richards, Paul Simon, Bruno Mars together with musicians working with Pink, Guns N’ Roses, Ariana Grande, Michael Buble, Pat Benatar and many others.


William has recently relocated and set up his workshop in Brixham, South Devon UK and has resumed business.


The guitars that William handcrafts are the result of years of playing, repairing and building customized instruments on a daily basis, nothing is ever left out.


William loves to be in touch with his clients/fellow musicians as much as possible while building commissioned instruments, so that a real connection is built around it all.


Don’t ever hesitate to email should you have any ideas or questions on any of the work that is offered.


Thank you for your support in WR Guitars,


William Raynaud.

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