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Handmade in beautiful sunny California

Custom handmade electric guitars

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The luthier behind WR Guitars, William Raynaud, builds some of the finest  electric guitars to order.

If you are looking for a handmade guitar with tone, playability and magic vibe, you have found it.
Each and every instrument is built from scratch, with an obvious attention to details, and gives you the best of vintage look and a stylish "rootsy and earthy"  vibe.
You can either buy from his current stock or commission a piece.

Commissioning a guitar, means you get to define the sound, look and feel of your instrument. Crafting it by hand means William gets to ensure it is built to the highest possible standard.

The Guitars

In an era where we all try our best to recycle and up-cycle, WR Guitars is contributing in its own ways.
WR Guitars is now focusing on building handcrafted guitars around old vintage wooden shipping crates like his Crate-O-Caster, as well as a more "traditional series" with solid bodies, original colors and aged finishes, known as the Drift-O-Caster.
Using water based products on all models now, and incorporating earthy product such as cork on some of his custom builds, sets us apart from the crowds and gives our instruments a unique and magical vibe.

There are currently 5 guitar shapes available, click here for more infos.

How to commission

Commissioning a guitar is an easy process.
Just give us a call or email us and we will work out the details together to get you the guitar of your dreams!

Click here for more details on the commission work and what options are available.

repairs 1.jpg

WR Guitars is also offering full expert professional repairs services on all string instruments to local musicians in South Devon.

Click here to view a list of the services offered as well as Artists that have trusted William Raynaud with their instruments!


Crateocaster-Gilby_600x480 size.jpg

"...William just knows guitars, and I don't just let anybody tweak my weapons. I'm very picky about who works on my gear. he can do wiring, frets, etc... & if I want my new les paul to look like it's a 1960, he can do that too. it's great to have a craftsman of his class close by..."

"...The Winchester Crate-O-Caster kicks Ass, Plays like a dream and sounds great too!..."

Gilby Clarke
(Guns N' Roses, the MC5, Nancy Sinatra, Heart, Rockstar: Supernova...)

...Fender did a great job recreating the Fender '60 but your work aging the instrument made it truly look and feel like a guitar that has been played for the past 48 years. I especially like the cigarette burn on the headstock!...

JB (Black Robot / Buckcherry)

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